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Yoga is not a calorie torching activity like running and swimming since it does not induce sweating at times. Nevertheless, some yoga poses can be very physically challenging as well as be considered as cardiovascular workouts. Most of the yoga poses focus mainly on flexibility, breathing and the state of the mind, strength as well as balance. Yoga is considered a good partner to the GM diet because of its low intensity workouts and high energy consumption. By following a ten-minute yoga session before and after a day in the GM diet program. Yoga is a great way to supplement any weight loss diets, especially the General Motors diet. Many people often get confused whether they can exercise while on the GM diet or not. In fact, it is advised to perform exercises while on the diet for better weight loss results; however, the high intensity workouts should be avoided due to the fact that your body will not have enough energy sources during the 1 week diet program. This is where the Yoga scores higher than the regular exercises as it don’t require much energy to perform.

Three Simple and Effective Yoga Exercises

Standing Forward Bend: Exhale and fold over your legs into a forward bend. If the hamstrings feel a little tight at first, bend the knees so that you can release your spine. Let the head hang heavy and don’t strain your neck. Slowly straighten the legs if you like, but keep the head hanging. The feet can be touching or hip distance apart, whatever you are comfortable with.

Garland Pose: Move your feet out to the edges of your mat and bend your knees then coming into a squat. Toes may turn out if necessary. If your heels do not reach the floor, take a rolled up blanket under them. This is a position that is quite natural for children, but we lose the track for it as adults.
It’s really great for hips and to counteract the effects of too much sitting in chairs and riding in cars while straightening your back.

Plank Pose: Start with the classic preparation for a push-up. Stay five slow breaths here while making sure that your hips do not drop too low or rise too high. If your elbows tend to extend, bend them tighter. Bring your knees down if necessary. After five to ten slow breaths release your knees to the mat and come back to sit on your heels and then rest for a moment.

Benefits of Yoga:

Weight Control: Yoga is a type of physical activity, & it helps you burn extra calories as you move through the poses. A yoga class with a fast pace will often help you burn a lot more calories hence put your weight under check. The increased wellness derived from the yoga helps individuals in making better choices such as adopting a better and healthier diet.

Physical Strength: Since the phases involved in yoga need muscular strength for you to achieve as well as maintain the proper position, yoga is helpful in increasing your physical strength. The poses are such that they have to be held for a specific duration depending on the form of yoga. By holding the right positions, you increase your physical strength and the result is a well toned look.

Maintaining Body Balance: Many poses such as the tree pose need a greater balance sense due to positioning. In the course of the tree pose, you are required to stand on one foot. This makes it a bit hard to stand without wobbling. However, with regular exercises, your overall balance is increased.

Reduces stress: Yoga is a very involving exercise. This means that the focus needed for the poses has a way of pushing out of your mind the stress emanating from financial problems, work as well other daily occurrences. Most of yoga forms also include chanting and meditation such that they further relieve you of the stress. A stress-free mind, improves your mood. A regular routine of yoga helps you therefore maintain calm feelings throughout the day.

Improved Flexibility: In order to accommodate your fitness level at the time, yoga enables you to adjust the positioning of your poses accordingly. If you already are flexible, you are allowed to go deeper into many other poses. In case you are not flexible enough, your moves are made smaller but in the long run they increase your flexibility to go further into poses.

Better coordination of mind and body: As you engage your muscles to move through all the poses, you also use the mind. Yoga provides you with the opportunity to be more aware of your own body while at the same time allowing your mind to relax. Yoga results for many individuals, is the overall wellness for the mind and body.

Improved breathing: As you hold the poses in yoga, controlled breathing is emphasized. Controlled breathing plays the major role of allowing you have more control over your mind or body. This exercise can extend to the real life situation so that in times of immense stress, controlled breathing comes in handy in keeping your emotions under control.

Maintaining good posture: In order to avoid injuries the poses in yoga require particular positioning. The increased balance and strength as well contribute to your overall posture overall.


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