Follow GM Diet After Delivery

No doubt, after your delivery all your attention moves towards the newborn baby. You have ample of things to ponder: how to make the baby healthy, when to feed, how to pacify the child if he cries and a lot more. And, somewhere you are also planning to get rid of those extra pounds you put on while pregnancy.

Women are usually given high calorie food like butter, ghee, full cream, milk, sugar and a lot of things to stay energetic after the delievery. And as a result, they keep on piling calories. Undoubtedly, mothers have a thought in their mind to lose weight, but at the same time they have to take wholesome meals to keep the babies strong. GM diet has examined that it’s not necessarily the fats that give you the required energy; you can stay energized with an organized nutritional diet as well.

Effective GM diet plan after delivery makes sure to give you the required calcium, proteins, magnesium, iron, fiber, carbohydrates and proteins in adequate amount to keep you fit and healthy. The diet plan includes following items.

Lentils and pulses

Pulses are vital ingredients of a balanced diet. They have sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibers to keep one healthy. Because, pulses break down easily, so they are easy to digest. They ultimately prevent your body from piling up the calories.


Oats are the first rated source of calcium, fiber, proteins, iron and carbohydrates. As oats are so rich in nutritions they can be served as a major dish of the day to keep you energetic throughout. In an ordinary manner oats are cooked in a pan by adding fruits, nuts and milk to increase its nutritional value. Since, oats are rich in fiber they help you stay away from constipation and maintain the energy level of the body.

Greener diet:

Green vegetables are all time nutritional food. These vegetables are rich in iron and help to restore your form. As a rule, you should eat at least five servings of vegetables every day. These are rich in fiber and keep you full for longer. Moreover, some green leafy vegetables are particularly rich in calcium that is needed just after the delivery. So, green diet helps a lot to maintain your body.


For centuries turmeric has been used as a major ingredient to rebuild the body and heal different health problems. It is basically used to heal the internal as well as the external wounds. In addition, it is full of necessary vitamins that help reduce swelling and can be a great element in curing stomach illness or post pregnancy problems.

Finger millet

Finger millets are a great source of calcium and iron. And these both are needed in abundance after giving birth. In fact, it’s a good substitute for the mothers who resist taking dairy products. Finger millets can also be used to add taste to several dishes.


Almonds are packed with a lot of nutritions. They are rich in magnesium, carbohydrate, iron, vitamins, minerals, potassium, calcium etc. So, such rich qualitative almonds help mothers to recover easily. Almonds can be served in different ways. For instance, if one does not wish to cook, it is a good snack to eat as it is.

                In fact, there’s a lot more to consume after delivery to keep you fit and healthy. All you need to focus on is to take a balanced diet with all the important nutrients. But, it is important for the mothers, bear in mind that they are not supposed to go on a diet immediately after the delivery.

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