Top 5 Weight Losing Drinks

Weight loss is not dependent on what you eat, but it also encounters what you drink. In fact, liquid diet helps to lose weight more quickly and effectively. As there are many drinks loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, so these can be used to curb hunger. Here are the top 5 drinks that help you lose weight without starving yourself.

Water for Weight Loss

We all know that water is the best liquid when it comes to weight loss. It works very well in detoxifying your body and giving you a healthy shape. Water in your body helps the food to digest properly and at the same time it contributes in burning exact amount of calories. You might consider it a boring drink, but it can be made tasty by adding lemons, cucmber or a slice of tomato. Remember to not to add calories in it as you are drinking it to lose weight.

Unsweetened Tea or Green Tea:

Tea is the major reason behind weight gain. But, it can also be a major thing helping you lose weight. The green tea or simple tea without adding sugar to it works very well in losing weight. It increases your metabolism rate and the healthy antioxidants present in it, detoxify your body which ultimately decreases your body weight and you start losing.

Skimmed Milk:                                                     

Milk contributes in gaining weight is definitely a myth. Healthy choices never make you unhealthy in fact. So, choose low fat or the skimmed milk to stay healthy and lose weight. It gives your body sufficient amount of vitamin D, calcium and lean proteins which make your bones and muscles stronger and thus helping you stay in shape.

Vegetable Juice:

Vegetables serve as the best food to lose weight. Consuming variety of veggies give your body all kind of nutrients. So, vegetable juices, be it canned, fresh, homemade or any, they work wonder in shedding off pounds. The veggies in liquid form keep you full for longer and the vegetable flavor also keep your taste buds happy for long time.

Black coffee:

The caffeine in coffee helps in losing weight and curbing your hunger. Researches show that the caffeine in the coffee spurs up your weight loss hormones and make them work actively. Though, it is healthy and contributes in achieving weight loss goals, but it is important to take care of what you use in it. Try using the skimmed milk and less sugar. Also, consume it in a limited quantity.

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