The Hacker’s Diet

The Hacker’s Diet, a silly subtitle is basically a book telling the technical ways of losing weight and maintains it permanently. This weight loss diet program is designed to tackle the weight problems from an engineering and management viewpoint. The diet plan uses computer programs like excel to keep a record of the calorie intake and its expenditure. The hacker’s diet, an E-book is literally an approach to losing weight and teaches the tricks to burn more calories than you consume.

The basic aim of this weight loss diet plan is to assist the busy, successful engineers, managers and the programmers lose weight and maintain it throughout their life using excel, computing platforms as well as online applications. . However, it’s not necessary to own a computer, a paper and pencil are also provided.

The Hacker’s Diet allows you to check the amount of calories needed to lose, maintain or gain weight. It uses Microsoft excel to keep a watch on the intake, expenditure and track energy consumption through its tools. It also uses its exclusive engineering principles to keep its followers motivated and do not bother about small weight fluctuations. The tools aware you about the everyday hormonal changes and the water retention and make you stick to your diet plan. Not only does it help you keep a check while you are losing, but also continue alerting you if you go off track in future. 

Once, you have set your mind to follow this weight loss program, there are certain things that you need to consider and then start with it.

Things you need to know before following The Hacker’s Diet:

Once, you have set your mind to follow this weight loss program, there are certain things that you need to consider and then start with it. So, here’s a list of the things you need to be familiar with and start the process.

  • Minor changes create a big difference in weight loss. The sooner you start bringing little changes the better will be the results in the future.
  • Set a goal: how much weight you want to lose?
  • There’s nothing like Impossible, anyone can do it.
  • Once, you will start noticing the changes, you will be reinforced to work more on it and continue with the process.

If you are really planning to lose weight, you must give it a shot, as it is a simple weight loss program and has been successful in giving people what they want.

Simplicity of the Hacker’s Diet plan

The book hacker’s diet is loaded with a lot of information and aware its readers about the specific tricks and the plans to follow and lose weight effectively. Though it is full of useful information, the final conclusion with which it comes out is including three habits in your life one of which would be difficult to follow.

Habit 1: Take Lesser Calories and Check your Intake

The foremost habit that you need to include in your daily routine is to have a curb on the intake of calories and keep a regular check on it. Scientifically, there are 3500 calories in every pound of fat. So, if you eat even a little extra amount, you are likely to turn obese. 

As mentioned above, little changes create a big difference. And, habits are all about bringing a change. You can change them if they are going to benefit you or your health from any aspect. To illustrate: People often do exercise and exhaust their body to burn the extra calories they have taken throughout the day. They have to run and do an exercise in order to burn the calories they gained from a single ice cream cone. Now, that exhaustion could have been avoided by simply not taking that harmful meal. Since the hacker’s diet allows you to consume calories, but there are certain habits in the list and it also includes the process of keeping a check on your intake.

So, habit 1 is to keep a record of the food you take every day and count your calories. Then calculate the total amount by the end of the day to prepare you for burning them. This will help you know what the required quantity to be taken every day is.

While keeping a check on the calorie intake you also need to keep in mind the serving size allowed to you. To have a rough idea about the calories in particular foods, you can approach any website. You simply search the calorie amount in the search box and pick out the best serving your requirements.

Keep a record of every minor thing you eat, because everything counts

Once, you will be comfortable doing this, it will take less than five minutes, to keep a check and plan the things accordingly.                                                   

Habit 2: Weigh yourself regularly

The second habit that Hacker’s Diet asks its followers to involve in their daily routine is weighing them.             Weighing hardly takes a minute, so you need to do it daily at a particular time on a particular scale. It actually lets you keep a regular check on your weight. By the particular time, we mean that you shall weight yourself at the same time every day. The morning time when you just wake up from the bed, you are required to weigh yourself and record it on the spreadsheet.

Though, there are chances that you may notice, like a little gain or fall in your weight, so don’t be obsessed with it. The reality is that your weight may vary from 2-3 pounds every day due to some reasons. That change can be reflected on later whether it is a loss, gain or neutral as a long term trend.

The next morning again you’ll have a spreadsheet and will maintain your record on that.

Habit 3: Figure out when to stop eating

The third habit is to figure out the distinction between hungry or not. People often gain when they indulge in overeating.  And, the major cause behind is that they are unable to differentiate between not hungry or full. Hence, the easiest way to handle the situation and develop this habit is to eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are not.

However, for most of the followers, this is the most difficult habit to develop. But, soon after you have a grip on this habit, it becomes your lifestyle. Moreover, keeping a record of your food intake make it easier for you to determine when you need to stop eating.

It’s so damn powerful that the next time you see an ice cream parlor you’ll tell yourself that I am not hungry and would hardly feel an urge to move towards the shop.

How to eat and live with the Hacker’s diet plan

Every diet plan gets successful when it is followed by certain useful tips. These useful tips are somehow helpful in making its followers trust on the authenticity of the weight loss diet program and also assist them to achieve the desired goals.

Here is the list of some successful tips that accompany the Hacker’s Diet plan.

Stop Eating just before Going to Bed:

Eating late at night is one of the major reasons that people gain weight. This weight loss diet program does not allow its users to eat right before going to bed. People often take their dinner late at night and there’s a little gap between dinner and going to bed and results in weight gain. Moreover, late night munching also disturbs your digestive system and is a hindrance in losing weight.

Eat less, but eat often:                               

The Hacker’s diet not at all restricts you from eating the food of your choice, but what it abstains you from is filling your stomach at one go. According to this weight loss diet plan the user is allowed to eat less, but at regular intervals.

Early brushing habits

If you feel it hard to remove your habit of eating late at night, you can adopt the habit of brushing your teeth early. It will stop you from indulging into late night munching.

Eat a bowl of vegetables before main meal:

Vegetables help keep you full and also have fewer calories in them. So, before having the main meal, hit on the bowl full of raw or steamed vegetables. Subsequently, you will eat less during the main meal.

Check out the calories while shopping for grocery:

The calorie intake is all that you have to take care of while you are shopping for your kitchen. Since you certainly need to pay a little extra time in reading the nutritional value of the things, but once you will do so you will notice how it makes a difference.

Give up on Sugar:

Sugar is one of the chief ingredients rich in calories. You definitely need to kick it away if you are keen to lose weight with the Hacker’s diet. This can literally make a big difference.

Update your spreadsheet:

Since the Hacker’s Diet is a technological way of maintaining your weight you definitely need to update your spreadsheet on a regular basis. It will help you keep the record of food intake and will prepare you for next day’s calorie intake.

Chew properly:

One of the biggest reasons of indigestion is the improper chewing of food. Slow down your eating habit and chew your food properly. Proper chewing let you feel satisfied quickly.

Drink more and more water:

This is a general advice that every weight loss program suggests. Water intake on regular basis upgrade the digestion rate, excrete waste, keeps your skin healthy and is very much helpful in losing weight.

Today, there are numerous diet plans crawling on the web and in physical form also. However, following any plan randomly is not a wise idea. One actually needs to be completely aware of the pros and cons of that particular diet plan. So, in order to satisfy the users and aware them about the diet completely following is the list of merits and demerits of going along with this weight loss diet program.


  • Aware you about the importance of calorie intake and Teaches the importance of calorie intake and calorie outflow.
  • A successful way to lose weight and maintain it permanently.
  • Number friendly.
  • Engineering features help you keep an appropriate record and stay focused on your goals.
  • Specially target your own body, its metabolism rate, etc.


  • Does not avail any particular diet plan.
  • Ask for regular entry of the health data on regular basis.
  • Demands a computer and Microsoft excel
  • Engineering techniques may not be suitable for everyone.

How it works:

The hacker’s diet obviously does not come up with any particular diet plan. It is basically a computerized program that permits you to track your weight and notice the progress. The computerized way actually helps in keeping a record of the calorie intake and how much did you burn on a particular day.

It simply lets you concentrate on what you eat, the size of your serving and amount of calories you burnt. Because, you keep a track of your weight, you get a fair idea of how many calories you shall intake and burn in a day to achieve certain goals and maintain them once achieved.

Exercise with the Hacker’s Diet plan

Exercises are outlined in the Microsoft excel spreadsheet which balances your calorie consumption and its expenditure. It is introduced in the program not because of losing weight only, but to also make its users feel better.


The hacker’s Diet is a computerized calorie counting program that stands among other electric diet programs, because of its simplicity and success rate. It observes the body as a controlled system where the calorie consumption is contrasted with its expenditure and consequently helps keep a check on the weight transitions.

In a nutshell, the system is suitable for the ones who love numbers and feel no problem in keeping a record of their health data daily.

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