Israeli Army Diet – A Quick Way to Lose Weight

An outline of Israeli Diet Plan:

Israeli Army diet is a diet plan which was most popular in the 1970s. This diet is basically designed to help its users lose weight quickly, which lasts for a short period of time. Since the diet proved its efficiency in the 70’s; it will be effective even today if followed strictly. Losing weight through this diet regimen is a healthy idea. This diet was promoted as the Israel Defense forces followed it and were healthy as well as fit.  Furthermore, a few simple tips mentioned in this army diet plan promises to give you a slim and attractive look.

What is Israeli Army Diet?

The diet plan is very simple. It lasts for a period of eight days, according to which you have to consume the same kind of food for 2 days of interval. Consumption of fad diet food, even the grapefruit is prohibited according to this diet plan.

The diet forces you to consume very less or simply no amount of calories throughout the day, which is why it is not certified by any professional doctor or physician. But, many people who want to lose immediately follow this diet plan and lose the required pounds within a short period. Here’s the simple Israeli Army Diet plan:

•             Day 1-2: Apples with Black tea and coffee

•             Days3-4: Cheese with Black tea and coffee.          

•             Days 5- 6: Chicken with black tea and coffee.

•             Days 7-8: Salad with black tea and coffee.

Exercises during Israeli Army Diet

Though there are no particular exercises recommended during army diet, but as this diet regimen was designed for the army recruiters, it can be assumed that there must be the high intensity of the exercises referred to them to stay fit and healthy.

Benefits of Israeli Army Diet:

•             Helpful in rapid weight loss

•             Easy to follow as the duration is less.

•             No need for much grocery shopping as the food variety is limited.

Drawbacks of Israeli Army diet plan:

•             The achieved weight sustains for a short term.

•             Fewer food options discourage the followers.

•             Following for long may lead to nutritional deficiency.

•             Weight is regained soon after you stop following the plan.

•             A fad diet

•             Low in nutrition and proteins

While following any diet plan, it is important for you to know in detail about the results it will give you. Here we come with the detailed results of Israeli army diets to ensure you if the plan is suitable or not. 

Israeli Army diet Results:

The diet plan lasting for eight days literally stops you from consuming any calories, while black coffee or tea is allowed. It is a fad diet that will help you lose weight within a short period, but the moment you will start following your normal diet, you are likely to regain. Since, the results of the diet are promising; you can follow it as a short term goal and get the desired body shape for a particular occasion. Additionally, the lack of important nutrients in the body may adversely affect your health, which is the prominent reason it is not certified by the physicians.


While the regime is a weight loss program for instant mass loss, it has achieved success. It is not certified by the health practitioners due to the poor nutritional value or simply the lack of desired calories or proteins in the recommended meal plan.


Consult your doctor before going along with this diet regime to avoid any future health complications.  

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