How Calories Help Lose Weight

GM motor diet as a nutritionist and wellness analyst got many surprising reactions from its clients when it confirmed the statement “eat more and lose more”. Besides, the majority of the people were literally amazed to hear the proclamation. And the question spinning in everyone’s mind was, how? The seven days GM diet plan initiates to answer all your queries.

Take enough calories to lose weight:

People often prevent taking calories and start doing large amount of exercise when they start dieting to lose weight. That’s fine, but they cut their calories gradually. Clearly, add in the exercise and all at once, insufficiency of calories in your body starts working against you. Moreover, not taking a sufficient amount of calories changes the metabolism rate of your body. Deficiency of calories in your body may work for a few weeks or months, but finally it starts alarming you to preserve some energy.

                Since, your body doesn’t want the energy to be wasted rather it demands of the energy to be preserved. GM Diet discusses the problems in detail that one face when the body runs out of calories.

Reduces muscle mass Muscles demand high calories to maintain. In an extended scarcity of calories, it is the first thing that your body targets do away with. Since, your body fails to get the desired fat; it breaks down the muscle tissue and utilizes it for energy.

Decelerate thyroid production – Your thyroid basically takes the charge of fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism, among other things. Your body has a knack to slow down thyroid production in an attempt to keep up energy balance.

 A decline in the leptin levels – Leptin is one of the energy regulating hormones. Beyond all, it’s a “hunger” hormone, telling your body to eat or not. If your body has High leptin levels, it signals properly to stop eating when you are full, while low leptin levels hint to eat more food. Hence, leptin levels play a vital role in maintaining your body weight.

Reduces energy levels – Not taking enough calories not only affects your physical health, but it also affects the mental actions. Neurotransmitter production is limited in the body and it needs to be present in a balanced fashion in order to attain a state of well being. Deficit of these neurotransmitters can affect your personality, physical health, memory strength and attention. Consequently, deficit of calories disturbs physical as well as mental energy level.

Decreases testosterone levels- Testosterone is one of the hormones that are affected by cruel calorie curbing. It is an essential hormone for both men and women as it is anabolic to muscle tissue. Without it, it becomes difficult to put on the muscle mass and thus resulting in the feeble organization of your body.

                On the whole, reducing calorie intake helps to lose weight is a myth. It’s fine if you don’t want to go on low-carb diet. If you make sure that you take qualitative carbohydrates in the required quantity, you are a few steps away from losing weight. 

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