GM Diet – Day 4

Your stomach has now created equilibrium of sugar (from fruits) and fibre (from vegetables) both. So don’t be surprised to have milk and banana on the day 4 of your diet as you were strictly advised not to have milk and banana on the previous days of the diet. Your body is now adjusted to the changes occurring during the last three days of the diet so it will not bring uneasiness to your digestion and appetite.

Day 4: Breakfast

A glass of warm milk with a banana is a good start on the day 4 of your diet. If you don’t relish it, then you can have a bowl of cereals and add milk and banana to it. But remember to use skimmed milk only as full fat milk has calories which should not be consumed. Also this will fill your stomach to the top till lunch.

Day 4: Lunch

The best option for lunch is the soup. Cabbage stew and tomato soups are healthier to have in lunch with some spices and herbs sprinkled on it, just to change your taste buds.

Day 4: Dinner

At dinner, you can choose anything from the breakfast or lunch menu, maybe a banana shake or a vegetable soup will dish up your dinner. Also it will give you a sound sleep as your stomach will be full.If we talk about snacks and beverages, you should not consume any, as bananas and milk are heavier than vegetables or soups. So snacks and beverages are restricted for the day.


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