Get Flat Stomach with Weight Loss Foods for Women

Going in for weight loss foods is the latest weight loss mantra. There are several healthy foods for weight loss that not only aid quick and safe weight loss but ensure that you have a good appetite. It has been seen that these natural fat burning foods have become an integral part of different diet plans for weight loss.

One such fat loss diet plan is the GM Diet plan. This diet plan contains food items that help you lose fat in a quick and safe way ensuring that you do not undergo any discomfort in the later stages. It has been found that the intake of the stomach fat burning foods help one drop two to three pounds in a week.

Let us have a look at some super weight loss food for women:

Apples: By taking one apple on daily basis, you can prevent any further weight gain. It has been found that apples contain antioxidants and this help preventing metabolic syndrome.
Eggs: Eggs contain a good amount of protein that will help you feel longer for long. A research has proven that taking two eggs a day by obese women gives the required number of calories and prevents regular sugar spikes that lead to cravings.
Green tea: Green tea contains several slimming ingredients. Catechins present in green tea speed up the metabolism and aid quick fat burning. Intake of green tea has been found to low down the presence of bad cholesterol in the body.
Beans: The digestive hormones present in beans act as a natural appetite suppressant. Beans also keep the blood sugar level in the body low that offer several health bonuses.
Oats: Oats are amongst the most preferred fat burning foods for women, all thanks to their sustainable weight loss properties. The fiber present in oats help you stay fuller for long, killing the need for snacking.
Lean Beef: Taking lean beef in dinner will help you shed pounds in a quick way. The amino acid leucine present lean beef will help maintain calorie burning muscles. It has been found that people taking beef do not meddle with hunger pangs.
Cinnamon: This is one magical weight loss ingredient. By just sprinkling cinnamon over food items and salads is going to prevent the insulin spikes. Cinnamon is going to lower the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Vinegar: Vinegar acts as a quick weight loss food. The acetic acid present in vinegar is going to slower down the food passage and this will keep the stomach fuller for long.
Almonds: The high fiber content present in almonds is going to make you feel fuller and the vitamin E is going to make you look younger. Replacing almonds with a mid morning snack is going to help you lose fat quickly.
Olive Oil: The poly saturated fats present in olive oil will prevent hunger pangs and the oleic acid would help in breaking down the excessive fat.

Some other healthy foods for weight loss include peppermint, kelp, asparagus, tomatoes, garlic, bananas and cucumber. The 7 day GM diet plan also focuses on the intake of these amazing weight loss foods.

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