Eat Green And Stay Healthy

Are there actually definite foods that can help you lose weight and keep you fit? We are not talking about those tasteless foods to eat if you want to lose. There are tasty foods also that can help you lose, maintain or burn the calories.

Everyone knows that green veggies are the superb food to boost up the metabolism level and lose weight. Moreover, the idea of eating green has been drilled into our minds since childhood. But, it is surprising to study that after having the knowledge of eating green since childhood only 20 percent of the population eats the proposed amount of green food.

Green vegetables for weight loss:

The effective GM diet plan lays stress on green vegetables as they have got a natural color from the plant pigment chlorophyll. These natural veggies can add to your diet plan as a major ingredient to lose weight.

Eat your leafy greens:

If you are planning to take healthy diet, eating green vegetables cooked in a healthy way is must for you as these are packed with minerals, iron and a lot of proteins to keep you fit. Vegetables like broccoli, Kale, spinach, green peppers, celery, peas, green onions, lettuce, cucumbers, etc. should be the major part of your diet. All these vegetables have a variety of nutrition to keep you healthy and are beneficial at so many levels. They have a great amount of fiber that helps keep you full for longer and you stop filling your mouth with unhealthy fast cooking food.

Nutritional value in green vegetables:


Fiber is the key product of the healthy diet. It has the quality of absorbing the extra water in your colon and helps you excrete properly. Ultimately, it protects your body from constipation, colon cancer, obesity and a lot of problems. To get that fiber in proper amount Green vegetables are good to consume. Dietary fiber in vegetables keeps you full for longer and you don’t indulge in munching the snacks every minute, which is a great advantage to stay healthy.

Proteins and Amino Acids: 

Those who are vegetarians or consume less animal products, for them green vegetables are a good substitute to take proteins in a proper amount. Once, you have a perfect combination of vegetables in your meals, you are likely to get the proper amount of amino acids needed to stay strong.

Water substance:                                          

As you know water is the main element to remove waste and toxins from your body so, green vegetables give your body the required water content. It is the presence of water quantity in vegetables that make it fat free food to consume.


Green vegetables are rich in minerals that are good for type 2 diabetes patients. Not only minerals, it is also rich in calcium and iron that protects you from many diseases.


Like other nutrition, vitamins are needed to keep the body on the healthy track. In general, green vegetables have vitamin content and vitamin K is usually found in all the vegetables.

Other nutrition:

There is a huge variety of nutrition found in every vegetable. The more the variety of veggies, the more effect it gives. In fact, it is the rich nutritional value of the vegetables that increase its effect. There are a lot of antioxidants, and other preventive nutrition in green vegetables, which help turn your diet effective and produce the desired results.

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