Diamond Diet: A way to Disease Free Weight Reduction

Diamond diet also popular as “Fit for life” is a weight loss diet plan that focuses on reducing weight through perfect combinations of food. Like other diet plans it does not focus on counting calories and calculating the portion size, rather it allows you eat as much as you did not eat before and still lose weight. Several dieticians and the physicians had disputes about this diet plan, but the studies and its success rate speak of its efficiency.

Foundation of Diamond Diet:

The diet came into existence in 1980 when Harvey and Marilyn Diamond launched the book “Fit for Life” and sold millions of copies. The basic idea of writing this book was the self-experienced health condition of Diamond himself.


Harvey was an underweight child with painful stomach problems. When he turned overweight with age, problems doubled and he undertook merry-go-round dieting plan. Though it showed results, but he regained the moment he left it and realized diets work for a short period only. As a result, he thought of changing his lifestyle and tried to best care for his body. After a good research, he found that the best weight loss plan is the concept of natural hygiene, which helps get away from health problems and keeps you healthy.

Eventually, came a moment when he expressed, “the body is always striving for health and achieves this by continuously cleansing itself of deleterious waste material.” this was actually the underlying goal of his book.

What is Diamond Diet?

The fit for life program lays emphasis on achieving a good figure and a good lifestyle through perfect combinations of the food. The program discusses in detail about particular food combinations and also reveals what is the best time to eat a specific food.

Undoubtedly, the question will come to your mind that there are so many diet plans, why to follow diamond diet only, which surely needs to be answered. Having a glance on the benefits of this weight loss diet program can help you find an answer to your “Why”.

Advantages of Fit for Life Program

Though the program is popular for losing weight, but actually it is not a diet plan. It is an approach to natural hygiene, which aims to give you a healthy lifestyle, lose weight through internal cleaning and avoid producing ill toxins from your body. So, the chief goal is to cleanse your body and protect it from all the diseases. Additional benefits of following this weight loss program are that it does not restrict you from eating your favorite food. All it stops you from, is having the wrong combination of the food. And, if in case there is any bar, you can continue eating those particular things once you have achieved the immediate goals.

Three Principles of Diamond Diet plan

The diamond diet has mainly three principles according to which it works.

Principle 1: Consume Water Rich Food

As the ultimate goal of this diet plan is to cleanse the body, water is an essential element included in it. Water actually helps cleanse the body internally and assist in removing the excessive weight easily. So, the first principle asks to consume water content fruits and vegetable and drink as much water as you can to accomplish proper cleansing.

Principle 2: Proper combination of the foods

According to this principle, the food combination must be friendly to the digestive system. The wrong combination of the foods can trouble in the digestive track and food may remain on the track for long, which is the biggest reason of obesity. For more clarification “fit for life” puts a complete full stop on taking the starches and the proteins altogether. They cause a problem to the digestive system as they are hard to be digested at the same time.

Principle 3: Accurate food consumption

Every diet plan suggests eating the fruit to boost up your metabolism level and reduce weight and same does the diamond diet program. But there’s a difference. It suggests you to eat fruit on an empty stomach as it help in the complete detoxification of the body. You should take the fresh and ripped juice in the morning to have its proper effects. The best habit that this program put forward is to have fruits and fruit juices from morning until noon.

Apart from these three basic principles, there are the key rules that one shall heed while following this diet program.

Eat protein carefully                      

No doubt, eating protein leads to fat, but be careful that the one you are taking is not injected. The meat is almost injected. You are required to take lean meat as it has sufficient amount of protein.

Choose Perfect food combinations:

Rice and fish, potatoes and meat, milk and cereals do not make a good couple. Avoid such combinations and add a green vegetable to it and it is approved in the diamond meal plan.

Fruit wants alone time:

Diamond’s theory states that fruit produces acid, it school be eaten all alone. It is actually the best morning and mid-morning snack. If you consume it after 12 PM try eating it on an empty stomach.

Stop overeating:

Though this diet program does not calculate your portion size, but it needs to be controlled. To clarify more, proteins help reduce weight and keep you full, but it does not mean that you will eat it in excess to avoid hunger and lose weight. That excessive consumption will collect the unwanted material and will be the reason for your weight gain.

Here’s a sample day plan on Diamond’s diet:

Upon Waking up: A glass of fresh fruit juice

Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad like strawberries, sliced kiwi, and a few red grapes.

Mid Morning snack: Any fruit will go, if you are feeling very much hungry, you can have a banana. Try having an approach to the water content food.

Lunch: Grab whole wheat vegetarian sandwiches, loaded with the vegetables and healthy salad.

 Exercise: Hey! You have consumed a lot of fiber and food throughout the day; it’s time to burn even the minimum amount of calories consumed. Once, you are finished with your work, it’s time to clad yourself in loose clothes and start moving your body. Give this task, at least, 20minurtes daily and feel the change. Don’t start exercising soon after having your meals. Take a break of at least 2-3 hours.

Dinner: Make this meal lighter and have it around 3 hours prior to your bed. A plate full of green salad or steamed vegetables can be served at dinner.

How do you feel?

I am sure the response is definitely going to be “Light and Energetic”. Yes, a day on fit for life lets you feel lighter and energetic. The consumption of fruits and the perfect combination of food gives your body a fair chance to eliminate the toxins and cleanse it properly.

Additional Tips:

•             Take fresh fruits and vegetables.

•             Avoid taking canned and processed food

•             Avoid making salad without preservatives.

•             Use whole grain bread.

•             Avoid taking proteins and carbohydrates in your meal altogether.

•             Avoid taking water in between the meals.

•             Fruits can be consumed after three hours of your meal.

•             Avoid excessive consumption of raw onion and raw garlic.

Fit for life is literally a program that helps you lose weight while eating the food of your choice. The combination of food that it allows you to actually aim at cleansing your body and keeping it toxic free which is a preventive to several health issues and weight problems.

The effective book “fit for life”, an international bestseller evolved so well among people that it lead to the publishing of a lot more periodicals and more books. To know more about Diamond Diet, read:


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