Cabbage Soup Diet Plan


The cabbage soup diet plan is a weight loss diet plan undertaken by obese people. Its main feature is the heavy consumption of cabbage soup which is low in calories for a week. This is a short term weight-loss plan which cannot be pursued on a long-term basis. The objective behind following this plan is to lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in seven days.


This diet plan became popular in the 1980s. It is also termed as Sacred Heart Diet, Military Cabbage Soup and Russian Peasant Diet. But there is no actual link between these acclaimed institutions and this diet plan. This diet doesn’t contain only cabbages, but other food items also. 

How This Plan Works

The diet plan is not meant for a long period of time. It cannot solve long-term obesity related problems. It can at best act as a jump start in your weight loss campaign before you find a long term solution.

You have to pursue the following schedule in this plan:

Day One:                          

Take only fruit and soup.  3 to 4 bowls of soup will be ideal.  8 glasses of water must be taken.  Other options you can choose are black coffee, sugarless tea, cranberry juice.  The intake of bananas is prohibited.

Day Two:

Take only vegetables and soup. At least three bowls of soup and raw or cooked veggies should be taken. Starchy beans, peas, corn and fruits should be avoided. Eat as many veggies as you can. A big baked potato with butter or soup broth would be ideal.

Day Three:

Take any vegetables except peas, corn, beans or potato and fruits except bananas. 3 to 4 bowls of soup and plenty of water is a must.

Day Four:

Take at least 4 glasses of skim milk or unsweetened almond milk. Up to eight bananas can also be taken. A smoothie containing bananas, milk and cinnamon will be a good option. Take as much soup and water as possible.

Day Five:

This day is meant for taking protein diet. Up to 20 ounces of lean beef or mutton or chicken can be taken. Take sliced tomatoes along with soup or baked tomatoes along with cooked beef. Cherry tomatoes is also an option. 8-10 glasses of water are essential. Two servings of soup must also be taken.

Day Six:

Again protein diet has to be taken. Consume 20 ounces of beef or fish or chicken. You can also take vegetables, green salad and 2-3 servings of soup. Potatoes, beans, peas and corn should not be taken.

Day Seven:

Take 3-4 cups of brown rice and 3-4 bowls of soup. Any vegetable except peas, corn, beans, or potato can be taken. At least 8 cups of water should be taken.


You must keep this in mind that cabbage soup diet is not a long term option, it can only offer short term results. You will have to use options like exercise or other diet regimens for solving your weight problems This regimen can be practiced periodically.

Precautionary Measure

Many medical professionals have been critical of this weight loss diet plan.  This weight loss regimen only reduces the water level in the body and not the fat content. The amount of calories that a person will take while on this diet are not considered enough for long term sustenance. The protein content is almost nil on several days. Many people feel weak while following this regimen. People practicing this rapid weight loss diet plan also suffer from flatulence. So before undertaking this diet plan medical advice should be taken.  

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