Bollywood Diet Plan

Bollywood diet plan has been developed with the objective of achieving secure and fast weight loss results. Its aim is to optimize the fitness levels of those undertaking this weight loss diet plan. This diet plan is meant mainly for the Indian audience and has been formulated after carefully studying the latest weight loss techniques used in Europe and North America. By following this diet plan, you will be able to maintain a steady weight throughout your life span. This regimen offers ideal diet for actors and other performers.

This is how this instant weight loss plan works:

Daily Schedule

Early morning  –  Firstly take stomach cleansers like lemon water with honey, amla juice, aloe vera juice etc.

Breakfast –  Take high fiber products like oats, bajra, wheat flakes etc along with high protein sources like milk or egg  along with one fruit.

Mid-morning( 2 hours after breakfast) – one fruit or cucumber with peel.

Lunch –  A bowl of salad,  one roti with bowl of vegetables, half bowl of rice and bowl of dal.

Post lunch (one hour after lunch) – Glass of buttermilk along with fruit.

Evening snack  – Cup of green tea  and  popcorn

Dinner  –  Bowl of soup or salad, one roti with grilled chicken or paneer and bowl of vegetable

Post dinner (Before going to bed) – Few slices of papaya

Can this diet plan work for everyone?

Unlike some of the other diet plans, this is not a crash diet plan. It doesnot have any adverse affect on the health of a person and has been approved by medical experts. By following the  regimen recommended in this diet plan, you will see the results coming after two weeks.

After completing four weeks of Bollywood diet program, people suffering from conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes type 2 etc, will find that their condition has improved and they require less medication than before. The reason behind this phenomenon is that the main reason behind this condition is obesity. So losing weight also helps in solving other ailments also. 

Though health and fitness regimes have different effects on different people but this plan has yielded great results for almost every one who has followed it. By properly following this plan you will definitely lose at-least 4 Kg in a month. 

As this diet plan mainly focuses on a ‘Very Low Calorie Diet’, it doesn’t require any exercise schedule for achieving the results. Medium paced walking would be good enough during the plan. But if a person wants to indulge in more strenuous exercise schedule, then it is entirely up to him. 

But this diet plan will only yield positive results, if a controlled diet and exercise regime is followed after the end of this plan.


  • Bollywood diet plan is an extremely safe, reliable and simple plan. It doesn’t involve any injections, pills etc. It doesn’t endorse any gimmicks which state that weight could be lost without regulating diet and exercise. 
  • Detoxifying your body with natural ingredients will cleanse the body system and remove impurities.
  • Taking breakfast after half hour of waking up will boost the metabolism.
  • Having 5-6 small meals boosts digestion and calories utilization reducing chances of undigested food being stored as fat.
  • Having 2-3 fruits and 3 servings of vegetables (250- 300 g) per day removes the chances of malnutrition. 
  • Having the bowl of salad before meals helps in reducing overall carbohydrate consumption.
  • Having protein rich snack will prevent you from overeating during dinner.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day helps will not only improve the digestive  system but is also good for hair and skin.
  • This plan is designed in such a manner that it help in losing weight but will also manage hunger and prevent craving for food.

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