The Beverly Hills Diet is a weight loss regimen created by acclaimed author Judy Mazel (1943–2007). This regimen was mentioned in her 1981 bestseller, The Beverly Hills Diet. The book sold more than one million copies and stayed on The New York Times bestseller list for thirty weeks.

This plan was developed by Mazel based on her personal experiences while working with  a nutritionist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She had suffered from weight related problems since her childhood. After developing the program she returned to Los Angeles where she opened a weight-loss clinic. Some of her clients were popular celebrities.

This weight loss crash diet plan works on the principle that weight loss can be achieved by eating foods in right order and combinations.


Judy Mazel suffered from weight related problems since her childhood. She visited a number of doctors for solving this problem. The situation got to such a point that she was told by a doctor that being fat was her destiny. Six months later, she broke her leg in an accident while skiing. During her recuperation, she read a book on nutrition. This helped her in developing ideas regarding the working of body, losing weight and staying thin.

Using her new ideas, she lost 72 lb (29 kg) and has ever since managed to maintain her weight.   In 1981, she published her rapid weight loss diet plan in her book ‘The Beverley Hills Diet’. After its initial success, Mazel published an updated version of the book called The New Beverly Hills Diet in 1996. Mazel has also authored a cookbook for preparing dishes to be taken during the diet regimen.

How This Diet Plan Works

The Beverly Hills diet is a food combination plan. It places emphasis on the combinations in which foods are eaten rather than what is eaten and in how much quantity. If wrong combinations are followed, a lot of food items remain undigested which leads to fat build-up.

Mazel has divided foods into various groups like carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and fats.

The Beverly Hills Diet separates food groups into the following categories:

Fruits– These comprise of carbohydrates which are easily digestable.
Carbohydrates– Anything which is not protein.
Protein– These comprise of meat, dairy and sources of vegetable protein.
Fats– These are animal, saturated and trans fats.

The basic rules followed in this diet plan are:

  1. The proteins should be taken with proteins
  2. Carbohydrates should be taken with carbohydrates.
  3. Fruit has to be taken alone and should not be mixed with other food groups.
    4. The enzyme-rich fruits like pineapple, strawberries or grapes have to be taken at the start of the day. This will boost your digestive  system. Wait for an hour before taking another fruit. Wait for 2 hours before taking items from another food group.
    5. You should wait for 2 hours after eating carbohydrates before taking proteins. These two  food groups should never be combined.
    6. If protein is taken, then it has to be taken throughout the day and other food items should be avoided.
    7. Fats can be taken alongside protein or carbohydrates, but not with fruit.

The Beverly Hills Diet Menu Plan

Day 1: Pineapple, corn on the cob, salad
Day 2:  Prunes, Strawberries, baked potato
Day 3: Grapes
Day 4: Dried apricots, salad, pasta
Day 5: Pineapple, papaya
Day 6: Papaya, steak, shrimp
Day 7: Pineapple, salad
Day 8: Grapes
Day 9: Prunes, strawberries, chicken (or turkey)
Day 10: Dried apricots, papaya, pineapple
Day 11: Watermelon
Day 12: Dried apricots, avocado sandwich, veggies with rice
Day 13: Grapes, two bananas
Day 14: Pineapple, strawberries, binge day with discretion
Day 15: Pineapple, salad
Day 16: Dried apricots, pineapple, papaya
Day 17: Watermelon
Day 18: Figs, dessert, choice of protein
Day 19: Mango, pineapple, asparagus, potatoes
Day 20: Kiwi, binge day with discretion, limited protein
Day 21: Pineapple, two bananas
Day 22: Cherries, special bedtime treat
Day 23: Prunes, sandwich, choice of fish or other protein
Day 24: Pineapple, papaya
Day 25: Watermelon
Day 26: Free day
Day 27: Free Day
Day 28: Pineapple, papaya
Day 29: Watermelon or grapes
Day 30: Prunes, vegetable sandwich, choice of carbs
Day 31: Orange juice, melon, choice of sandwich with protein
Day 32: Protein
Day 33: Pineapple, two bananas
Day 34: Pineapple, papaya
Day 35: Watermelon or grapes


The Beverly Hills diet ensure that dieters lose up to 20 lb (9 kg) in a period of 35 days. Other  benefits of this diet are reducing the risk of various diseases linked with obesity like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension etc. This diet recommends the intake of fruits and vegetables in large quantities which enables proper nourishment of body, intake of low calorie diet, restricts  artificial preservatives etc.    


Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with diabetes, ulcers, spastic colon etc must take medical advice before following this diet regime. Moreover nutritional requirements vary from person to person depending upon age, weight, sex, exercise level etc. This diet involves taking only fruits on some days and no protein is allowed till the sixth day of the regimen. So medical advice is essential before following this diet regimen. 

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