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Can I Exercise while on the GM Diet

Can I Exercise while on the GM Diet GM Diet & Exercise go hand in hand There are several exercises that you can follow throughout your 1 week diet period. Breathing: These breathing exercises are meant to release the stress incurred during the diet. It allows your internal organs to relax and stay together despite the lot of changes occurred because of the…

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Yoga and GM Diet

Yoga is not a calorie torching activity like running and swimming since it does not induce sweating at times. Nevertheless, some yoga poses can be very physically challenging as well as be considered as cardiovascular workouts. Most of the yoga poses focus mainly on flexibility, breathing and the state of the mind, strength as well as balance. Yoga is considered…

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GM Diet Exercises

Yoga is a great way to supplement the GM diet. Many people often wonder if they can exercise when on the GM Diet. While you can definitely exercise, you must be careful when it comes to high intensity workouts. This is where yoga scores highly over other forms of exercise.

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